Journeys - Personal, Spiritual, Geographical
Journey - Personal, Spiritual, Geographical
Building upon the success of our first anthology, Alberta Lifestyles, we set about in 1996 to create our second collection of works by Central Alberta Writers.  We felt we needed to narrow the focus with our second publishing venture and decided upon a theme: Journeys - Personal, Spiritual, and Geographical.  Whereas "Lifestyles" was simply a collection of varied works, "Journeys" would have a common thread woven throughout the stories and poetry.
Again, we chose to conduct a writing contest and include the best within.  Submissions were accepted from across Central Alberta and the winning entries were combined with the best works from Club members.  Funding for the book came from the sale of Alberta Lifestyles, various fundraising activities, and a small gift from Sunpine Forest Products.  A special thanks must be given to Annette Gray for the time she spent collecting submissions and even retyping them in time for the deadline.  Journeys features the wonderful pencil art of Dave White, a forward by Canadian award winning essayist, Lorne Daniel and back cover comments by renowned children's author, Marilyn Halvorson.   Journeys is a wonderful read and a fitting tribute to the energy and boundless enthusiasm of Central Alberta writers.  The sale of Journeys funded our most ambitious project to date - our Tenth Anniversary Edition.
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A Postcard from Callander
A Postcard from Callander
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