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Freelance Writers on the Web with the incomparable Kimberly Hill
The Writers' Guild of Alberta
Unveilings of Thought - Selected Works of Poetry & Art by Laura Josselyn
The Writers' Digest Magazine Page - Contest, Tips, Subscriptions!

Writers and teachers agree on this: If you wish to be a better writer, write every day.  This daily "writing fix" is essential to any writer's growth - novice or professional.

Writer's Resource Centre - if you write, this is your site!

A search engine dedicated to only one thing, published articles.

Alberta Romance Writers Association - The Alberta Romance Writers' Association (ARWA) is a non-profit society incorporated under the Society's Act of Alberta, whose purpose shall be to provide a support network for romance writers in all genres.


Prose was developed to allow an author to split a story into chapters, have all those chapters available for editing from a single interface, and then combine all the chapters into a manuscript correctly formatted for submission to an editor. Prose comes complete with the Addict spell checker, links to the WordWeb dictionary, a character creation module, word creation module and various other features that I thought might be useful.

BARD'S INK - This is a fascinating site - plenty of hours of fun guaranteed for every writer and reader!

Fascinated by hypnosis - intriqued by Personal Development - love a good hypnotic stage show?  Visit the site of webmaster, Murray M. Fuhrer

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