Summer Message from The Prez:

Hello members and guests,

Our spring workshop was a great success despite the nasty weather.
It is always great to listen and learn from the experts.
Mr. Brian Hades conducted excellent and very informative views on the subject of “What publishers want”. All who attended were completely satisfied.
It is important for us to continue networking within our group and discuss further the best way to achieve our common goal, which is to publish our works.
It is an ongoing challenge to find the best means to get our works into the hands of the readers.
Our Tuesday meetings continue to bring to light new and different approaches on the subject, thanks to lively discussions amongst the members and guests.
Your input and ideas are a great help to everyone.
Keep writing and sharing your work. We love to listen.
I can’t promise you another workshop in the near future but I can confidently say that our meetings will continue to be exciting, informative and an eye opener for all.

See you Tuesday 7 p.m. sharp.

Sidney Traikovski
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