Chris on Tuesday, 10/9/01, 11:31 AM
A pleasure to visit your nice... enjoyed reading the poetry and short stories. One of the better Homestead sites I've seen.
From: NJ
Web Site: Lost Minstrel

Mike Machuk Sunday, 7/7/02, 1:10 PM

Very nice site. Thanks for the reading!

From: Springbrook Alberta

Lloyd Golden Tuesday, 8/20/02, 10:09 PM
Hi! I'm cousin Lloyd - the one everyone has been reading about - I think I'm in 30 percent of the stories. I miss the good times with Murray.
From: Medicine Hat

Nicola Wilde Thursday, 3/6/03, 5:19 AM
Just found your site - 'tis truly a work of art xx The net needs more creative space...keep up the good work! Nicola
From: North East, UK
Web Site:  wildrantings

Laura Nelson Thursday, 3/6/03, 10:46 PM
Great to see a decent website up to celebrate the writers of central Alberta!! Thanks!
From: Innisfail, AB

Sheila Horn Monday, 4/21/03, 1:23 PM
I discovered your site quite by accident but have it as one of my favorites now. I'm just starting to write and haven't got up the nerve to come to a meeting yet. Give me a little time. So great to know this is right here in Red Deer.
From: Red Deer

Gary Lund Saturday, 7/12/03, 2:19 PM
Your site looks great. I am an aspiring writer, and am working to get the "aspiring" word removed from the description. I'd like to look you up next time I am in Red Deer.

From: Vancouver, BC
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