Murray M. Fuhrer - Founder and Webmaster
Barb Kovaks, Shiela Horn, Dana Friestadt, Mary Ann Steele, Esther Campbell, Shelagh Dell, Annette Gray
Eric Wilberg - Humour Columnist - Red Deer Magazine
Maryann Steele - Romance Writer
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Carol Smith - Artist & Romance Writer
Shelagh Dell - Novelist and Poet
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Monica Wilson - Author
Robin Sullivan - Secretary & Children's Author
Judy Conn - Past President & Short Story Writer
Eric Wilberg & Judy Conn - The Dynamic Duo
Dana Friestadt - Our Treasurer and Children's Author
Carol Smith, Sharen Sayers, Ingrid Churchill
Annette Gray - author of Journey of the Heart
Bruce Derksen - President of Writers' Ink
Sheila Horn - Writer
The Three Musketeers - Plus 1 - Jim Jeffries, Denny Jones, Murray Fuhrer, and Bruce Derksen
Shelagh Dell, Joanne Shackleton, Edith Fitch