The Latest Canadian Publishing Statistics

Statistics Canada's biennial survey of book publishers' activities in 2000-01 contains info and trends valuable to writers:

There were 672 publishers operating in Canada in 2000-01, 174 more than two years previously.

Publishers produced 15,744 new titles, a 13% increase in two years, and reprinted 12,053 existing titles.

Publishers sold $1.8 billion worth of books, up 7.6%.

Textbooks and trade books each accounted for a third of all new Canadian titles.

Canadian authors wrote 72% of all new titles and 98% of all new textbooks, but only15% of the mass-market paperbacks.

Publishing revenues totaled $2.4 billion, an increase of 20% over the previous two years.

Only 56.4% of Canadian publishing houses made a profit.

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